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phone 908.598.7204
fax 908.598.7207
Shop Hours
7 Days/Week
10:30 AM-3:30 PM
phone 908.598.7204
fax 908.598.7207

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Gluten Free

Do we understand gluten free?

HF understands how serious even a trace amount of Gluten can be. This shop was designed from the inception to be a place where the GF community can celebrate! All of our meats, cheeses, sauces, dressings, stocks, soups and smoothies are totally free of wheat and gluten. Our GF bread is baked in only dedicated facilities. We separate the production for all gluten free items by dedicating toasters, presses, gloves, knives, etc. We pack all GF foods with its own colored label and then triple check all orders to make sure that there are no mix-ups. We know you have questions...just ask - we LOVE to help.

If you want gluten free...
just order it!

HF Sandwich Shop
Cool Lunch Package

Ultra Premium
Super Sandwich Platter
Call to order:
  • sandwich platter
  • salads
  • drinks
  • chips
  • dessert
Just tell us
how many people,
and we take care
of the rest!
all for one low price!

We recommend an assortment of these...our most requested sandwiches, but feel free to customize.

chips, drink, 1 salad and fresh baked cookie and brownie tray

12.99 / person
10.99 / person (just sandwiches)
make it a wrap platter, add 1.00 per person
make it gluten-free, only 3.50 per person

Drinks • Chips • Etc

Joe Tea$2.95
Soda Pop$1.50
Joe Chips$1.75


"A Comfort-Food Extravaganza"

New York Times

"HF Sandwich Shop has the most delicious sandwiches known to man"
Elvin Duran &the z100 Morning Show

I think they must put crack in the brisket sandwich. It is amazing. I have actually had dreams about it!
- Holly

This is an experience you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!
- Shannan P.

Our office orders in from this place weekly and it is one of our favorites to order from. First the breast is phenomenal. The motz is ridiculously fresh. Everything I have ordered has been nothing but superb. The fact that they offer such strict gluten free options are a godsend for those in my office as they can now partake of great sandwiches.

Service is stellar. Food is fabulous. THIS is a sandwich shop worth coming to again and again and we do. I have even brought home a sandwich to my husband (prosciutto & motz) and he's eaten it without an issue. This from a man who does not eat cold cold cut sandwiches.
- Dianne V.

The only drawback is that there are so many good choices on the menu. It's going to take you a while to actually decide what you want.
- Deidre G.

Hoboken Farms Sandwich Shop is absolutely my favorite sandwich shop.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a hearty sandwich being grilled on the panini press...the work of art is "La Zafra-Brisket Cuban." It is incredibly juicy and I can honestly say it si the best sandwich that I have ever had.
- Hal

I ordered "Jimmy's Guitar Bar" earlier today (fresh roast turkey, the best and freshest mozzarella, pesto aioli and red wine vinegar with romaine leaf lettuce, shaved red ionion on a baguette). It was truly delicious. I ordered the "large size" and it was enough for two people...